Special Sundays: Madrid Fashion Doll Show


With all the exciting news coming out of Milan during the Italian Doll Convention, we wanted to remind you that Madrid also hosts a wonderful event in September 12-14, coinciding with Madrid Fashion Week! Although today is the deadline for early registration, you can still register for this event by clicking here. The theme is La Dolce Vita, and the organizers promise to host a grand time for attendees. Check out their website by clicking here.


Surprise Saturdays: Italian Doll Convention Blog


Follow all the excitement of today and tomorrow’s Italian Doll Convention via DollObserver’s IDC Blog – Click here. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful goodies that spring forth during this Orient-themed event in Milan. Enjoy!


Fashion Doll Fridays: Kingdom Doll Oxford Street Fashion Pack

Kingdom Doll will be opening their shop on Saturday March 31, 2014 – NOW SOLD OUT – for the sale of their newest fashion set, Oxford Street. It’s an elegantly designed set that brings style and charm to the fashion forward. Click here for Kingdom Doll’s Shop Link. From Kingdom Doll:


Oxford Street outfit- Limited Edition of 30
This is our first basic black wardrobe essentials pack and we will be building on this collection though out the coming year. Please see below a list of what is included in the pack. The store will be stocked on Saturday 31st at 6pm GMT (UK time).
Oxford Street will be in stock for immediate delivery as always.



Black micro knit mini dress with low back

Trafalgar black knee length boots

Black and white skull print silk chiffon scarf / wrap

Pavilion black and tan wedge heeled shoes

Black semi wet look leggings

Gold coloured spiked bangle

Random coloured stamp print tote bag

Aluminum coloured Halliburton inspired briefcase

Set of 9 exclusive KD prints

Black camera in vintage roll of film inspired metal presentation can

Black hose
price….$175 USD
Please note that all dolls and wigs featured in the photography are NOT included.
Detailed pictures of the set will be available on Saturday for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday Wants: Sweet Freedom Susie

Yesterday, Members of the W Club were given an opportunity to order a reserved portion of the LE300 R & D Collectibles shared exclusive doll Sweet Freedom Susie – she sold out in less than an hour! Now, Dynamite Girl and Susie Collectors are going to be looking for her! Here are the details from Integrity Toys:

susie1 susie2

Item # 66098
Sweet Freedom
Susie™ Dressed Doll
Dynamite Girls™ “Love Revolution” Collection
R&D and IT Direct shared Exclusive
Total Edition size of 300 dolls worldwide (150 for R & D and 150 for IT Direct).
Suggested Retail Price: $70.00 US + Shipping (Handling and tax, if applicable)

Surprise Saturdays: Getting Secure!


Attention dollbid Community!
We’ve been updating dollbid’s Features and Security Platform to ensure your Account Information Protection AND for a thrilling NEW CONTEST coming your way soon!

You may have recently read in the news that eBay has asked all of its users to change their passwords following a cyber-attack that compromised their database. We wanted you to know that although our database has not been compromised, we believe best practices would be to change the method by which our users logon from their username and password to their e-mail address and password. You will notice that change the next time you logon. If you have any difficulties please e-mail customer service for help at Service@dollbid.com

Rest assured that we have not been the subject of a data breach, we were not affected by the Heartbleed Security Bug, and that your credit card information is stored in a separate and encrypted site, owned and operated by Visa that even we can’t see. We take your security very seriously.

Now for the fun stuff…

You may have also noticed our new ‘Hot Pins’ on dollbid that allow you to ‘pin’ your favorite dolls from dollbid directly to your Pinterest boards – we’ve been fine tuning this application in preparation for fun new contest that will have many opportunities to win for buyers and sellers, alike! You’ll be wanting to watch your email for this amazing experience with Pinterest!

download (1)

Follow dollbid’s Pinterest Boards by clicking here!

dollbid has extended its FREE SERVICES program through July 15, 2014 to give you even more chances to win in our Pinterest event – and to buy and sell dolls, outfits and accessories within your own doll collector community. Check us out TODAY – there’s over 250 Barbie, Integrity Toys, Tonner Dolls, and Gene Marshall listings to browse and buy today – and even MORE when our new contest begins!

Fashion Doll Fridays: The Art of Ayal Armon


dollbid is thrilled to be hosting new auctions from miniature couture artist, Ayal Armon – his style is clean, with unnecessary fuss, using pure fabrics and hand-embellishment that radiate elegant simplicity. Five items are now available on dollbid by Armon, and you’ll want to check them out! Click each image to take you directly to the auction.

Comtesse by Ayal Armon

Comtesse by Ayal Armon

From Ayal Armon’s dollbid My Page:



Capricio by Ayal Armon

Hello, and Welcome to my dollbid store! My name is Ayal Armon, and I present to you extraordinary fashion in miniature. After studying and working as a fashion designer in Israel, I found the United States became my mentor, sharpening my skills through ladies’ apparel, custom design work for private clientele, and my own sportswear collection. Expanding my ideas, skills and talent at Otis/Parsons College of Art and Design in L.A., I then discovered a love for collecting fashion dolls, and I’ve been making doll clothes ever since.


Pavane by Ayal Armon

Throughout my career, I have received training in Israel, California and New York in the fashion arts and design, and after receiving my Master in Fine Arts, I taught fashion design and illustration for six years. My doll fashions have kept me occupied for the past ten years, and I find a new muse with each and every fashion doll I see.


Pearl by Ayal Armon

I believe fashion is an art that is incomparable to other visual arts, and among my designs, I approach style and quality in the same way I did with women’s apparel – with an elegant touch. Enjoy my current listings, and check back – I have new designs created frequently.


Hauteur by Ayal Armon

Throwback Thursdays: Art Dolls of the 1990s

Paul Crees and Peter Coe

Paul Crees and Peter Coe

The 1990s saw a rise in the Artist’s Doll, and the work was truly spectacular! Many of these dolls are hard-to-find – and if you can find one, you should seriously consider adding them to your collection, for they represent an era of sculpture and fashion artistry that paved the way for many doll genres we see today. Enjoy the eye-candy!

Shelley Thornton

Shelley Thornton


Uta Brauser


Robert McKinley

Lisa Lichtenfels

Lisa Lichtenfels




Wednesday Wants: Tonner Convention Items On Sale Today


No time was given for Tonner’s ‘It’s About Time‘ Convention extras sales (no pun intended), but the date is today. The company opens at 9AM Eastern…so start watching for items to post then, and don’t hesitate…if you see something you really want, click through to checkout quickly – items will leave your shopping cart as they sell through unless you have fully processed the sale. Click here to shop Tonner Collections. Good Luck!

1001973_10152407274624591_3498117363430907940_n 1609967_10152404909864591_1287047587020252987_n 10169447_10152399142804591_735943119363257532_n 10171621_10152399142734591_4065819888573026018_n 10247234_10152402904294591_7067291841617981393_n 10256811_10152399142699591_3171216834997185069_n 10270678_10152399387124591_7517024115757066899_n 10313387_10152401362589591_8694918146492811259_n 10313987_10152407274189591_4864514165841695718_n 10336753_10152403792939591_2617120889860762305_n 10348625_10152400750804591_8602909653447004131_n 10350432_10152403639019591_312836457932231890_n 10358726_10152401189864591_6594785352510700073_n 10364134_10152400750814591_5619634776836795614_n