dollbid Spring 2014 Newsletter


dOLLBID DESIGN BRIGADE – Are you Brigade? dollbid Design Brigade, of course! dollbid’s new Design Brigade offers setup, marketing and listing services for doll artisans and upstart doll-related businesses. dollbid will help get your new account set up, and we will start posting auctions for you for free through April 15, 2014. Here’s how it works: You go to dollbid and register, using the same user name you use on eBay or Etsy, if you sell there now. If not, choose a name that represents your business brand.

If you have a website set up, or if you sell in another online marketplace, dollbid can pull your logo, images and descriptions from those. If you are not selling online at this time, then we’ll just need to ask you some questions about your business, review images you may have – and then we can assist in writing descriptions for your goods to get them posted on dollbid. When customers contact you with questions or to buy, they contact you directly. The sale is 100% yours through April 15, 2014.

Based on a review of your work, dollbid can advise a branding strategy, using our network of resources. The branding strategy assessment would be free, too…and you may wish to expand those services at a later date when the formal program launches after April 15, 2014. This affordable program will offer social media branding, graphic design, email campaigns, and a whole range of exciting services targeted toward the unique needs of doll artisan business owners.

After April 15, 2014 – please feel free to keep your ‘My Page’ and any listings that don’t sell (they will still remain active in the system even after they close); after 4/15/14, all sales would be subject to our 5% closing fee. In addition, any enhancement features such as ‘featured auctions’ would be subject to a small charge as outlined on The closing fee is only applied to the final price of the auction, and it is not applied to the shipping costs. We are proud to offer these services at half the fees charged by other online auction marketplaces.

So what are you waiting for? Contact dollbid at today, and let’s get you started growing your doll business!


3000 LIKES ON FACEBOOK – Milestone! Over 3000 people like us on Facebook! To celebrate, we put together a fun video of our listings since our launch last August. Have fun with the dolls here:


NEW BLOG – dollbid has launched its own blog to keep YOU updated on deals, dolls and happenings in our community! You’ll want to tune in each day to check our posts – each day has its own special theme, so choose which one suits you best…or check out the weekly summary post. Check out these fun themes:

Sunday – Special Sundays – Special requests – Dolls that are out of the ordinary, and deserving of special attention.
Monday – Manic Mondays! – Special deals on your favorite dolls.  Manic Mondays also covers those gotta have it, need it now, get it before it’s gone, extraordinary dolls we’re seeing in the doll world.
Tuesday – Tuesday Trends – Dolls that are trending online. Who is looking for your dolls, What they are wanting, When they are buying it, Where they live, and How they are getting what they want.
Wednesday – Wednesday Wants – What dolls are YOU looking for? We’ll post our members’ favorites they are looking for in that big doll world out there.
Thursday – Throwback Thursdays – Fabulous dolls of yesteryear. Dollbid shares those fun favorites of which we just can’t get enough!
Friday – Fashion Doll Fridays – Celebrating the Fashion Doll in all its splendor and glory.
Saturday – Surprise Saturdays – Announcements and well, surprises! We also post weekly summaries on Saturday so you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

Scarlett O'Hara by Laurie Leigh

Scarlett O’Hara by Laurie Leigh

Trends – It’s the rise of the doll artist! It doesn’t surprise us that doll artists are making such a splash in the doll world today as collectors seek the unique and extraordinary jewels for one’s collection. dollbid’s trend report is watching Marina Bychkova for articulated porcelain doll of unbelievable artistry; Integrity Toys for its new 2014 Collection that has the fashion doll groups buzzing over the new FR16 girls; Reborn artist extraordinaire, Romie Strydom, continues to command high prices for her lifelike silicon babies; Laurie Leigh is the repaint artist to watch in 2014 as she talked to us about some exciting new projects she has in store (watch for our interview with Laurie in an upcoming post); and it seems selling Barbie doll collections in bulk seems to be the preferred method of spring cleaning for the Barbie collector (although we don’t recommend selling in bulk, you can get a much better pay-off in the long run with some patience by listing individually or in smaller, themed sets. dollbid watches trends in the doll world, so if you ever have a question, or if you need help selling your dolls, just email us at


Toy Fair 2014 – Toy Fair 2014 opened on Sunday February 16, 2014! We’re watching intently for news of all the new dolls. Here are some of our favorite blogs that keep us up-to-date on toys, toy/collectible dolls, and doll news:

Shuga-Shug’s Blog
The Fashion Doll Chronicles
The Doll Observer
Action Figure Insider
Inside the Fashion Doll Studio – Barbie


Top 100 Doll Sites – Well, it’s a race for the top! Please don’t forget to Vote for dollbid on the Top Doll Sites link at the bottom of each webpage. And while you’re there, browse around some of the other fun website in the top 100 – we are a diverse community!!!


UPDATED 2/19/2014 – Upcoming Events – Spring and Summer host doll event favorites! Many attendees post their souvenirs dolls to help defray the expenses of travel. Of the big rollers, Paris Fashion Doll Festival is held in March – in Paris, of course. This varied international event has become home to Europe’s finest, including Superdoll_Collectables, Mattel, Tonner, Magia 2000 and so many others. April’s Grant-A-Wish Event is sold out, but we’ve included a link to its 25th Anniversary event. Then in May, it’s TonnerCon, a company-themed convention hosted in Lombard, IL by Tonner Doll for its collectors and the Italian Fashion Doll Convention in Milan. July brings everyone’s fashion queen, Barbie to her namesake convention in Nashville this year, and July also hosts the International Fashion Doll Convention (IFDC) in Las Vegas, and United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) in San Antonio this year. The summer rounds itself out with August and the Madame Alexander Doll Club Convention (MADCC) in Philadelphia, and the National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA) annual conference in Florida. Finally, for Gene and Vintage Fashion doll collectors, you’ll want to check out Sandra Stillwell’s New York City event in early August. Check out these links here for more information:

Paris Fashion Doll Festival –
Grant A Wish 2014 – SOLD OUT –
Tonner Doll –
Italian Fashion Doll –
National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention –
Sandra Stillwell Presents –
UFDC National Convention –
NIADA Annual Conference –


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