dollbid has launched its own blog to keep YOU updated on deals, dolls and happenings in our community! You’ll want to tune in each day to check our posts – each day has its own special theme, so choose which one suits you best…or check out the weekly summary post.

Check out these fun themes:

Sunday – Special Sundays – Special requests – Dolls that are out of the ordinary, and deserving of special attention.

Monday – Manic Mondays! – Special deals on your favorite dolls.  Manic Mondays also covers those gotta have it, need it now, get it before it’s gone, extraordinary dolls we’re seeing in the doll world.

Tuesday – Tuesday Trends – Dolls that are trending online. Who is looking for your dolls, What they are wanting, When they are buying it, Where they live, and How they are getting what they want.

Wednesday – Wednesday Wants – What dolls are YOU looking for? We’ll post our members’ favorites they are looking for in that big doll world out there.

Thursday – Throwback Thursdays – Fabulous dolls of yesteryear. Dollbid shares those fun favorites of which we just can’t get enough!

Friday – Fashion Doll Fridays – Celebrating the Fashion Doll in all its splendor and glory.

Saturday – Surprise Saturdays – Announcements and well, surprises! We also post weekly summaries on Saturday so you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

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