Welcome to Tuesday Trends!



Tuesday Trends – Dolls that are trending online. Who is looking for your dolls, What they are wanting, When they are buying it, Where they live, and How they are getting what they want.

TOY FAIR TREND:  Toy Fair 2014 opened this week, and the news is just pouring out on the new Integrity Toys collection, Mattel’s Monster High, the fun and bizarre new Once Upon a Zombie Girls, Superdoll’s latest releases…and of course, Barbie (Barbie Look 2014)! Want a little more? Check out the coolest new action figures here! As we reported here, you can get a snap shot of your favorite doll and toy blogs – or post your recommendations in the comments section.


BARBIE TREND: Can’t get enough of the world’s obsession with Barbie’s Body? Here’s new take on the question as old as Barbie herself.


SECONDARY MARKET TREND: On the secondary market, we are still seeing strong trends toward doll collection sales at the same time new collections are released. Most are taking the extra time to break down their sales into nude dolls, separate outfits, and even separate accessories. Sounds like a fuss, right? Wrong. Our studies have shown that on average, most collectors who sell in bits and pieces realize more of the actual retail, and in many cases, more than retail! So roll up your sleeves, and start snapping pics…multiple listings does take some extra time, but the return is worth it.

Once Upon a Zombie dolls

Got a question about selling items in your collection? Give us a shout at  service@dollbid.com – we can help – and remember, you can use dollbid’s listings services FREE through April 15, 2014!

Enjoy the NEW 2014 Collections!!!

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