Welcome to Special Sundays!

Special Sundays – Special requests – Dolls that are out of the ordinary, and deserving of special attention.

Kingdom Doll - 'Nelson' LE60

Kingdom Doll – ‘Nelson’ LE60

We actually have two in this post…so pull up a monitor, and read all about it!


FDQ Reports – ‘Brighton’ on the Cover

The dust is barely settling over at Kingdom Doll with the sale and debut of their new model, Nelson. Listed on 1/31/2014, this edition of only 60 dolls evaporated almost instantly, setting the stage for their follow-up doll, Brighton, in March (only an edition of 30 – so be ready to jump!). The debut sculpt is referred to as Novantae, and it would seem the classic British inspirations driving Kingdom’s vision will offer truly unique offerings worthy of notice on the fashion doll scene. Online buzz from those receiving the debut doll is great, and we’ll be watching more from this new British Invasion! Fashion Doll Quarterly had the exclusive scoop on Kingdom Doll, so pop over there to get your feed.

Mary Magpie

Mary Magpie

If you’re not following the collection of Mary Magpie Doll by doll artist, Joey Versaw, you are missing out. This highly stylized 11.5-inch lady has a retro look and feel that invokes vintage fashion illustration and carnival colors. His latest is Lady Astrid, and fans of Versaw’s Facebook Page have been getting the scoop on her upcoming availability – you should, too! Learn more about the doll and the artist at Ernesto Padro-Campos‘ blog, dolldom.com – here.

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