Welcome to Manic Mondays!

Manic Mondays! – Special deals on your favorite dolls.  Manic Mondays also covers those gotta have it, need it now, get it before it’s gone, extraordinary dolls we’re seeing in the doll world.

Got two parts for you this Monday…First are the ‘get it now‘ dolls…these dolls are disappearing quickly…so you might want to secure yours  before they go strictly secondary market at higher-than-issue price:

Bob Mackie Princess Stargaze Barbie

Bob Mackie Princess Stargaze Barbie

Initial reports as of yesterday had this doll as sold out – but as of today on Barbie Collector, the doll is now listed as on backorder until 3/6/2014 – so if you were thinking about this one, you might want to get that order in – she is the last of this series.


Couture Dolls’ Exclusive Hanne Erikson

Couturedolls.com is the new fashion doll venture by Angelic Dreamz. You might want to pop over there and check out their Exclusive FR16 girl, Obsidian Culture Hanne Erikson – and think quickly, because they and many others are reporting sell outs on FR16 Hot-Blooded and Platinum Society – plan accordingly, we’re guessing these FR16 girls will be tough to find at issue price when they release later this spring.

Barbie City Shopper

Barbie City Shopper

Barbie City Shopper is Sold Out on Barbie Collector, so these are two more you may want to find if you are collecting this popular black label series. And yes…it was bound to happen…but it seems Target is Sold Out of the Sports Illustrated Barbie! And the price will continue to go up…we found 2 of them here.

Part TWO – Here are deals and steals on dollbid – click on the image to see the auction! And hurry – they may not last!

NRFB - $29.99

NRFB – $29.99

NRFB - $29.99

NRFB – $29.99

More $29.99 Gene Outfits (and less!!!) can be found here.

Excellent Condition - $125

Excellent Condition – $125

Cool!!! - $75

Cool!!! – $75

Stardust Exclusive - $145

Stardust Exclusive – $145

No Reserve - and One Day Left!

No Reserve – and One Day Left!

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