Special Sundays: Art Dolls in Paris

Volupte by Superdoll

Volupte by Superdoll

As a special treat for your Sunday, dollbid brings you visions from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival Sunday Salesroom – visions of artists and dolls to take your breath away. Enjoy the beauty!

Volupte Exclusive by Superdoll:

_DSC0005 _DSC0008


Magia 2000 Creations:

_DSC0013 _DSC0014 _DSC0015 _DSC0016 _DSC0017 _DSC0018 _DSC0019 _DSC0020 _DSC0021 _DSC0022 _DSC0024


Créations COTHO:

_DSC0026 _DSC0027 _DSC0028 _DSC0029

Emilia Couture:

_DSC0030 _DSC0031 _DSC0032 _DSC0037 _DSC0040

Fashion Doll Agency:

_DSC0043 _DSC0043a _DSC0044


Lantis Kelly:



Artist Creations:

_DSC0057 _DSC0058 _DSC0059 _DSC0055 _DSC0056 _DSC0053

21 Catia Creations Furniture:

_DSC0046 _DSC0047 _DSC0048



_DSC0067 _DSC0068



_DSC0072 _DSC0073 _DSC0074 _DSC0075


Tonner Doll Company/Wilde Imagination:

_DSC0080 _DSC0078 _DSC0079 _DSC0081


Creations by Kanea:



Wonder Woman resin BJD by Coeur d’artichaut:


Marilyn (Noya Doll) and other creations by Celynette Créations:



And…by My friend, Francoise!!!




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