Manic Mondays: Dulcissima Barbie TOMORROW


She’s already been showing up outside the US, and #2 in the 2014 Barbie Fashion Model Collection, Dulcissima, is reported as being available on Barbie Collector tomorrow April 1, 2014 – we hope this isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank! To get you in the Silkstone mood, dollbid is proud to host auctions fo several Silkstone Barbie, Including the Paris Fashion Doll Festival exclusive Fiorellaclick here to see Silkstone Barbie’s on dollbid.


Silkstone Dolls on dollbid NOW!

Debut 1959 Repro

Debut 1959 Repro

Mermaid Gown Barbie

Mermaid Gown Barbie



Ball Gown Barbie

Ball Gown Barbie

Image from

PFDF 2014 Excusive Fiorella – Image from


3 thoughts on “Manic Mondays: Dulcissima Barbie TOMORROW

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