Tuesday Trends: Realism Makes A Comeback

Brigantes by Kingdom Doll

Brigantes by Kingdom Doll

At dollbid, we are always looking at trends among our favorite dolls, and one we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks with new collection introductions is the return to realism in fashion dolls. Fashion dolls are constantly evolving. With previous trends toward exaggeration of the head proportions kicked off by Anime themes and fashion ad campaigns like Steve Madden Shoes, fashion dolls look back to such classic dolls as Blythe, and more modern styles like Bratz to achieve new looks that bend the eye.

MICRODIVA at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2014

MICRODIVA at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2014

But it would seem the tide may be turning as both collectible and toy fashion doll collections are returning to more realistic ideals. Notwithstanding such popular toy collections as Mattel’s Monster High or collectible collections like Wilde Imagination’s Ellowyne Wilde, new offerings in 2014 from Kingdom Doll, MICRODIVA, and Lammily suggest more realistic proportions in varying scales. We’re keeping an eye on these new dolls, and the current favorites to see how this trend develops. Until then, enjoy the wonderful world of fashion dolls that never fail to please the eye!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Realism Makes A Comeback

  1. I guess I’m against trend – I’ve always been into realism but lately I’m loving the more anime dolls like Deja Vu and Evangeline Ghastly — and the Volks big headed girls like the Four Sisters.

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