Tuesday Trends: Get References

(UPDATED 4/22/2014)

At dollbid, we are always watching the internet looking for doll research resources. Although some are outdated or incomplete, they still hold extremely useful information – here are some we’ve found that can help you in identifying your dolls…

Barbie Collector

Barbie Collector

Barbie: Many collectors use Barbie Collector to find more recent items, including the BFMC Silkstone dolls, Dolls of the World, and Vintage Repros, among others – click here for the Showcase. For Vintage Dolls, check out Doll Reference – click here.

Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow

Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow

Gene Marshall: Marcia Friend at Facets by Marcia has a fairly comprehensive Gene history page – click here to browse – it’s helpful for Gene’s earlier days, however, the link to the site once know as THE search page, Share The Dream, is no longer active. Integrity still has some Gene Marshall links available – click here. Finally, newest offerings by JAMIEshow can be seen by clicking here.


Integrity Toys’ Fashion Royalty: A perfect stopping site for the 12″ FR girls – click here. Integrity also maintains a good research source for its characters here.

Integrity Toy’s Poppy Parker: You’d be hard pressed to find a better resource than The Poppy Parker Resource – click here.


One-Of-A-KindsVikisFinds showcases many OOAKs in our world, including websites, references, books and more – you’ll want to spend some time here – some of the links are outdated, but of the ones that are active, you’ll enjoy!

Superdoll at The Doll Observer

Superdoll at The Doll Observer

Superdoll: If you haven’t signed up for The Doll Observer yet – what are you waiting for??? Simon and his Team keep up with doll world goings-on worldwide…so you do need to check back to see where they will take you next. You’ll want to explore their Superdoll archive for helpful information, details, and fabulous eye-candy from the minds of SuperFrock. Click here to explore DollObserver’s Superdoll Archive.

Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls

Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls

Tonner: One of the best references that is up-to-date is Carol’s Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls – she’s is regularly updating sculpts, body types and collections. You can also find older reference that include descriptions of Tonner Collections and the Tyler Wentworth Archive prior to 2011 by clicking here – this is an older version of the website, and is not regularly maintained, but still holds helpful information. At Tonner’s regular website, you an find a resource for older print catalogs by clicking here.

Tonner Catalog Archive

Tonner Catalog Archive

We know there are more…but this is a great start, isn’t it? We’ll explore new doll research links in due time, keeping this post linked to each subsequent listing for your archive convenience. If you’ve got one to share, just email the link to us – now get out there and enjoy your research!



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