Manic Mondays: Integrity Toys’ 2014 Mainline Collections Save-The-Date

Integrity Toys  sent an email to their W Club on 4/24/14 that has many buzzing. From Integrity:
Are You Ready for the Next Big Reveal?!

Our fans have been waiting for this announcement and the entire team truly appreciates everyone’s patience while our stars are making themselves beautiful for their next big showing!

At last, we are proud to announce that all registered W Club members are invited to join the IT design team for the first online webinar of 2014 to celebrate the unveiling of the Fashion Royalty™ 2014 main collection, the Poppy Parker™ “The Girl from  I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y.” collection, Tulabelle™ and the next wave in the JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ collection.

**While we typically do not disclose what dolls we are going to cover in our reveal, because of the unusual timing and the refresh of Nu.Face and Homme, which will be debuting later this year, we are making a one-time exception to advise which brands will be included in this presentation. But that’s all of the sneak info that you are getting out of us for now!


W Club Exclusive Online Reveal Event (Webinar)
Date: Saturday, May 17th 2014
Time: Noon Eastern (New York Time)
Remember this webinar is a W Club Exclusive – the mainline collection will debut to the public shortly thereafter – so the wait is almost over! Also, fo rthose of you planning your Fall Events/Halloween Plans – Integrity has also included a reminder regarding their annual convention in Orlando:
Convention Save The Date!

Many of you have contacted the W Club inquiring about the status of the registration process for the 2014 Integrity Toys Convention, which as previously announced, will take place in Orlando, Florida, the weekend of October 30th-November 1st 2014.

Well, worry no more; the time is almost here! W Club members will receive priority registration information in the coming weeks! Stay tuned… We’re almost there!!


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