Tuesday Trends: Realism in BJDs

D.I.M. Love - Anneliese

D.I.M. Love – Anneliese

We reported on realism making a comeback here, but when looking at the BJD-world, realism has always had a distinctive point-of-view; although it can be overshadowed by the more artistic expression found in many anime styles. Nevertheless, looking at the sculpt when it captures a more human-like face with added elements such as inset eyes (as opposed to painted eyes), one can certainly see the appeal in these high-end beauties. Many can be exaggerated (particularly in the eyes), implying a departure from realism; but when you compare it to the fantasy styles in the more prevalent sculpts, it’s becomes more clear that the natural human face is still an influence. If you want to know more about BJDs, we recommend Alison Rasmussen’s site at Fashion Doll Review – click here. In the meantime, enjoy these beauties…click the image to take you to that maker’s website…enjoy!

Dollshe Craft -  David Kuncci

Dollshe –
David Kuncci

Bishonen House - Nori

Bishonen House – Nori

Elfdoll - Rainy Doll - Rita

Elfdoll – Rainy Doll – Rita

Iplehouse - S.I.S. Basic - Soo

Iplehouse – S.I.D. Basic – Soo


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