Throwback Thursday: Gone But Not Forgotten

Susan Wakeen's Eve

Susan Wakeen’s Eve

Since the arrival of Gene on doll scene, the 16inch fashion doll has now become the staple. Today, collectors can enjoy new offerings from Tonner, Integrity Toys, Superdoll, and many others that use this scale to create new fashionable icons. Many of these dolls can be found in great condition on the secondary market…so happy hunting!

The Franklin Mint's Marilyn Monroe

The Franklin Mint’s Marilyn Monroe


The Franklin Mint’s Jackie Doll


L.L. Knickerbocker’s Daisy (Daisy & Willow)


Clea Bella


DAE’s Vivian


Sandra Bilotto’s Brenda Starr for Effanbee (pre-Tonner) – interesting to note the sculpt was retained and scaled to fit the Tyler Body when Effanbee was acquired by Tonner in 2001/2002.

Christina St. Clair by Fashion Boulevard

Christina St. Clair by Fashion Boulevard


Sandra Bilotto’s Butterfly Ring for Spellbound Dolls


Robert Tonner’s Julia by L.L. Knickerbocker


Kingstate’s Micki

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