Surprise Saturdays: Cynthia Bailey Prettie Girls Limited Edition



Those who follow The Real Housewives of Atlanta are very familiar with Cynthia Bailey and her One World Doll Project. Just released is a limited Signature Edition Collectors Doll at $69.95. Click the image below…or here to see more at their website. From the website:


Cynthia Bailey has been defined as and represents the epitome of a classy, elegant, fun spirited business woman. As we introduce the Cynthia Bailey Doll Collection, her fashion was inspired by all of these characteristics.

She wears a casual, yet edgy ensemble that is comfortably worn to her modeling agency.  Ms.  Bailey’s fashion includes a zip front faux leather jacket, patent leather bow, belted metallic shorts, and a white cotton tank where The Cynthia Bailey Modeling Agency is well represented.  Gold hoop earrings, a chunky gold bracelet, black pumps, and a black patent bag complete her stylish look.

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