Tuesday Trends: Get Separated!


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It’s interesting to watch trends on the secondary market, and although separating doll and outfit to sell is not new, it can still yield a great return.

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Purists scoff at the idea, but it is a reality to most folks who regularly thin out their collection, and retailers who are looking to move older inventory rely on this method, as opposed to markdowns. Not all dolls are viewed the same on the secondary market, however. Rarity of head sculpt, body type or hair color can have significant results…you simply have to know a little about the doll to know how to sell it best.


Do not instantly assume that a doll will do well because anyone can make a body swap or reroot – convenience is key here, and despite the doll not being fully original with its outfit, the pristine condition of the doll ‘as issued’ can be a key factor if someone is looking to piece together a doll with any of its original pieces to make a complete set. In addition, know that doll customizers will often sell the clothing on a doll because they only want the doll to add face paint, new hair styling, or even body modifications in addition to custom clothing. And then you have folks who are wardrobe collectors – their collections are light on dolls…but they accumulate vast clothing collections. Costume dolls are also great separation candidates for customizers, and those looking to mix and match with existing dolls in his/her line up. Finally, outfits can be much easier and less costly to ship than a whole doll, requiring little more than a padded envelope to ship.


Separating a doll from its outfit (or even it’s accessories, too) is a lucrative method, but the seller should observe a couple of key conditions to achieve best results: (1) the doll sculpt is unique or in high demand; (2) the outfit is of high quality and not readily available; (3) accessories sell well on their own if they are unique and exceptional; and (4) the clothing has a versatile fit when it comes to other dolls.

Observing these simple guidelines will help you with successful sales using separated dolls and outfits.




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