Wednesday Wants: Tonner Convention Items On Sale Today


No time was given for Tonner’s ‘It’s About Time‘ Convention extras sales (no pun intended), but the date is today. The company opens at 9AM Eastern…so start watching for items to post then, and don’t hesitate…if you see something you really want, click through to checkout quickly – items will leave your shopping cart as they sell through unless you have fully processed the sale. Click here to shop Tonner Collections. Good Luck!

1001973_10152407274624591_3498117363430907940_n 1609967_10152404909864591_1287047587020252987_n 10169447_10152399142804591_735943119363257532_n 10171621_10152399142734591_4065819888573026018_n 10247234_10152402904294591_7067291841617981393_n 10256811_10152399142699591_3171216834997185069_n 10270678_10152399387124591_7517024115757066899_n 10313387_10152401362589591_8694918146492811259_n 10313987_10152407274189591_4864514165841695718_n 10336753_10152403792939591_2617120889860762305_n 10348625_10152400750804591_8602909653447004131_n 10350432_10152403639019591_312836457932231890_n 10358726_10152401189864591_6594785352510700073_n 10364134_10152400750814591_5619634776836795614_n


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