Tuesday Trends: Mini-YOU


Looking for an action figure or 12-inch version of yourself? With all the new trends in 3-D printing these days, there’s a rising demand for customized heads. Since 2008, That’sMyFace.com has been creating resin heads based on your images to fit LEGO, Minimates, 4, 6 and 12-inch figures, including a ‘Barbie’ option. The customized heads are not suitable for children, but they can add a certain pizazz to your collection. From the website FAQs:

The custom-made head sculpts are made of a hard resin composite in full 24-bit color with a matte varnish. The colors are not painted on but are actually part of the make-up of a thick color outer layer of the model. Due the to the manufacturing process, the surface is slightly rough to the touch (sugar-coated) and some layering can be visible. Please avoid banging, wetting or direct sunlight.


Interesting service – What do you think?