Throwback Thursdays: FAO Schwarz


Many folks can recall waiting in line at FAO Schwarz New York for exclusive Gene Marshall dolls every year at Toy Fair! Here’s a #TBT to FAO Exclusives – dollbid is thrilled to host some of these faves just for you! Just click on the images to take you to the auction…

Song of Spain Gene

Song of Spain Gene

Tea Time at the Plaza Gene

Tea Time at the Plaza Gene

Madison Avenue Barbie

Madison Avenue Barbie


Tuesday Trends: Get References

(UPDATED 4/22/2014)

At dollbid, we are always watching the internet looking for doll research resources. Although some are outdated or incomplete, they still hold extremely useful information – here are some we’ve found that can help you in identifying your dolls…

Barbie Collector

Barbie Collector

Barbie: Many collectors use Barbie Collector to find more recent items, including the BFMC Silkstone dolls, Dolls of the World, and Vintage Repros, among others – click here for the Showcase. For Vintage Dolls, check out Doll Reference – click here.

Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow

Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow

Gene Marshall: Marcia Friend at Facets by Marcia has a fairly comprehensive Gene history page – click here to browse – it’s helpful for Gene’s earlier days, however, the link to the site once know as THE search page, Share The Dream, is no longer active. Integrity still has some Gene Marshall links available – click here. Finally, newest offerings by JAMIEshow can be seen by clicking here.


Integrity Toys’ Fashion Royalty: A perfect stopping site for the 12″ FR girls – click here. Integrity also maintains a good research source for its characters here.

Integrity Toy’s Poppy Parker: You’d be hard pressed to find a better resource than The Poppy Parker Resource – click here.


One-Of-A-KindsVikisFinds showcases many OOAKs in our world, including websites, references, books and more – you’ll want to spend some time here – some of the links are outdated, but of the ones that are active, you’ll enjoy!

Superdoll at The Doll Observer

Superdoll at The Doll Observer

Superdoll: If you haven’t signed up for The Doll Observer yet – what are you waiting for??? Simon and his Team keep up with doll world goings-on worldwide…so you do need to check back to see where they will take you next. You’ll want to explore their Superdoll archive for helpful information, details, and fabulous eye-candy from the minds of SuperFrock. Click here to explore DollObserver’s Superdoll Archive.

Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls

Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls

Tonner: One of the best references that is up-to-date is Carol’s Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls – she’s is regularly updating sculpts, body types and collections. You can also find older reference that include descriptions of Tonner Collections and the Tyler Wentworth Archive prior to 2011 by clicking here – this is an older version of the website, and is not regularly maintained, but still holds helpful information. At Tonner’s regular website, you an find a resource for older print catalogs by clicking here.

Tonner Catalog Archive

Tonner Catalog Archive

We know there are more…but this is a great start, isn’t it? We’ll explore new doll research links in due time, keeping this post linked to each subsequent listing for your archive convenience. If you’ve got one to share, just email the link to us – now get out there and enjoy your research!



Surprise Saturdays: Fashion Doll Bonanza – A BIG Week!



For fashion doll collectors, this has been quite the week! Biggest news came from Kingdom Doll and their new doll, Brighton, which sold out of its tiny edition in seconds. But not to worry, Robert Tonner unveiled his 2014 Mainline Collection and new offerings for 22inch American Models, Tiny Kitty Collier, Deja Vu and Cami & Jon collections.


Tonner’s Deja Vu

But the biggest news hands-down was JAMIEshow’s release of two new dolls in the Gene Marshall line – Madra Lord and Violet Waters! Violet is already sold out, but as of this writing, Madra was still available – this is the only time Violet & Madra will be released – so grab Madra while you still can! Congrats to the lucky few who secured their favorites during this fashion doll windfall!

Kingdom Doll

Kingdom Doll


Weekly Summary – click on each date to take you to that blog post:

Week of 3/29/2014

March 29, 2014 – Kingdom Doll Brighton – Save-the-Date April 3, 2013

March 30, 2014 – Charming Children

March 31, 2014 – Dulcissima Barbie

April 1, 2014 – April Fool’s Day – You’ve Been Warned!

April 2, 2014 – Robert Best and 2014 BFMC Video

April 3, 2014 – Tonner’s Child Dolls

April 4, 2014 – New Fashion Dolls from Tonner

Week of 3/22/2014

March 22, 2014 – MAGIA 2000 TAKEOVER – Dreaming of Dolls!!!
March 23, 2014 – Art Dolls in Paris
March 24, 2014 – People at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2014
March 25, 2014 – Miniatures Make The Set
March 26, 2014 – For The Love Of A Doll Book NOW Available on dollbid!
March 27, 2014 – Way, Way Throwback – Vintage Dolls from Musée de la Poupée Paris
March 28, 2014 – Sunkissed Fashion Dolls

Fashion Doll Fridays: Fashion Doll Awards LAST DAY #DOFDAs

TODAY IS YOUR LAST DAY TO VOTE! Follow by clicking this link here – and the Vote prompt will automatically pop up.


The winners will be announced on March 9, 2014 – Who Will Win???



Choose your selection from the following categories:

1. Best Playline Fashion Doll

  • Apple White ‘Ever After High’ by Mattel
  • Barbie ‘Birthday Wishes’ by Mattel
  • Lena ‘Prettie Girls’ by One World Doll Project
  • Midge ‘Life in The Dreamhouse’ by Mattel
  • Monster High Lagoona ’13 Wishes’ by Mattel

2. Best Collectable Vinyl/Plastic Fashion Doll

  • Emma ‘Deja Vu’ by Tonner Doll
  • Poppy Parker ‘Sweet in Switzerland’ by Integrity Toys
  • Elise Jolie ‘Midnight Star’ by Integrity Toys
  • ‘Coach Barbie’ by Barbie Collector
  • Vanessa Perrin ‘Out Sass’ by Integrity Toys

3. Best Resin/Porcelain/BJD Fashion Doll

  • Gene Marshall ‘Phoenix’ JAMIEshow Dolls USA
  • Natalie ‘Holiday 2013’ by JAMIEshow Dolls USA
  • sYbarite ‘Madame V’ Superdoll_Collectibles
  • Apple Nougat by DollChic
  • Cherub ‘Inamorata’ Emiliacouture

4. Best Male Fashion Doll

  • Alejandro ‘Havana Nights’ by JAMIEshow
  • Jay Gatsby by Tonner Doll
  • Lukas Maverick ‘Beauty’ by Integrity Toys
  • Ken ‘Tailored Tuxedo’ l by Barbie Collector
  • Peeta ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ by Barbie Collector

5. Best Celebrity Fashion Doll

  • Peeta ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ by Barbie Collector
  • Jennifer Lopez ‘Red Carpet’ by Barbie Collector
  • Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford ‘Mommie Dearest’ by Integrity Toys
  • Katniss ‘The Hunger Games- Catching Fire’ by Barbie Collector
  • Poppy Parker as Corie Bratter ‘Barefoot in the Park’ by Integrity Toys

6. Best OOAK Fashion Doll Artist

  • Emilia Nieminen of Emilia Couture
  • Peewee Parker
  • Mario Paglino & Gianni Grossi of Magia2000
  • Nik Moronese & Marie Lebreton of ninimomo
  • Noel Cruz

7. Best Fashion Doll Accessory

  • Headspinner by Superdoll_Collectables
  • Jem ‘Stage Essentials by Integrity Toys
  • Silkstone Dress Form by Barbie Collector
  • Urban Vita Environment Show Case by Horsman Ltd
  • ‘Winter Weekend’ Barbie Fashion by Barbie Collector

8. Best Fashion Doll Designer/Manufacturer

  • Charles Fegen & Desmond Lingard for Superdoll_Collectables
  • David Buttry for Integrity Toys
  • Paul Pham for Dollcis
  • Robert Best for Barbie Collector
  • Robert Tonner for Tonner Doll

9. Best Online Fashion Doll Retailer

  • Angelic Dreamz
  • Barbie Collector
  • Fabric & Friends
  • Marl & B
  • My Favorite Doll

10. The 2014 Fashion Doll Innovations Award: Best Make-Up

  • Fashion Royalty by Integrity Toys
  • JAMIEshow by JAMIEshow Doll USA
  • Numina by Dollcis
  • Poppy Parker by Integrity Toys
  • The sYbarites by Superdoll_Collectables





Voting is EASY – but you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker depending on what browser or security software you use. If you don’t see the ‘Vote’ mini-window automatically opo up, this may be the case…or viting has closed.


Good LUCK to all the Nominees!!!

dollbid is happy to host auctions for Award Nominees and Related Items – click the image below to take you to the auction:

c1927 Dress by Katz Meow Designs

c1927 Dress by Katz Meow Designs


Mommie Dearest Gift Set by Integrity Toys

Mommie Dearest Gift Set by Integrity Toys


Madame V - Nude - Superdoll_Collectables Sybarite

Madame V – Nude – Superdoll_Collectables Sybarite


Coach Barbie

Coach Barbie





Fashion Doll Friday: Red Carpet Madness!!!

All Oscar Best Actress Gowns Since 1929 - courtesy Mediarun Digital

All Oscar Best Actress Gowns Since 1929 – courtesy Mediarun Digital

I just finished looking thought this fabulous graphic I found on Jezebel.comMediarun Digital has compiled all Best Actress winners’ gowns since 1929…and it’s really fun to peruse in advance of this Sunday’s Academy Awards. As an avid fashion doll collector, I always love scouring the internet looking for exemplary gowns in miniature – so grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the eye candy from your fellow fashion doll collecting designers who know a thing or two about red carpet fabulous…click each image to take you to that artist’s website:

cho:lo doll couture

cho:lo doll couture

OVAZ Designs

OVAZ Designs

Artist Creations - Italy

Artist Creations – Italy

Red Silk Thread

Red Silk Thread


Magia 2000 - Italy

Magia 2000 – Italy

And if you’re looking to add some red carpet finery to your collection, check out these listings on dollbid – click the image to jump right to the listing!

Everest by Superdoll

100 2009 Everest by Superdoll for 16″ Dolls

Rosemary Ionker/Boneka OOAK for 16" Ellowyne/MSD MLD dolls

Rosemary Ionker/Boneka OOAK for 16″ Ellowyne/MSD MLD dolls

Final Cut Isha Gift Set by Integrity Toys

Final Cut Isha Gift Set by Integrity Toys

Striking Gold Outfit Only NRFB for 16" Gene Marshall & Friends

Striking Gold Outfit Only NRFB for 16″ Gene Marshall & Friends


Franklin Mint NRFB Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend for 16" Marilyn Monroe

Franklin Mint NRFB Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend for 16″ Marilyn Monroe


NRFB 40th Anniversary Barbie

NRFB 40th Anniversary Barbie









Welcome to Manic Mondays!

Manic Mondays! – Special deals on your favorite dolls.  Manic Mondays also covers those gotta have it, need it now, get it before it’s gone, extraordinary dolls we’re seeing in the doll world.

Got two parts for you this Monday…First are the ‘get it now‘ dolls…these dolls are disappearing quickly…so you might want to secure yours  before they go strictly secondary market at higher-than-issue price:

Bob Mackie Princess Stargaze Barbie

Bob Mackie Princess Stargaze Barbie

Initial reports as of yesterday had this doll as sold out – but as of today on Barbie Collector, the doll is now listed as on backorder until 3/6/2014 – so if you were thinking about this one, you might want to get that order in – she is the last of this series.


Couture Dolls’ Exclusive Hanne Erikson is the new fashion doll venture by Angelic Dreamz. You might want to pop over there and check out their Exclusive FR16 girl, Obsidian Culture Hanne Erikson – and think quickly, because they and many others are reporting sell outs on FR16 Hot-Blooded and Platinum Society – plan accordingly, we’re guessing these FR16 girls will be tough to find at issue price when they release later this spring.

Barbie City Shopper

Barbie City Shopper

Barbie City Shopper is Sold Out on Barbie Collector, so these are two more you may want to find if you are collecting this popular black label series. And yes…it was bound to happen…but it seems Target is Sold Out of the Sports Illustrated Barbie! And the price will continue to go up…we found 2 of them here.

Part TWO – Here are deals and steals on dollbid – click on the image to see the auction! And hurry – they may not last!

NRFB - $29.99

NRFB – $29.99

NRFB - $29.99

NRFB – $29.99

More $29.99 Gene Outfits (and less!!!) can be found here.

Excellent Condition - $125

Excellent Condition – $125

Cool!!! - $75

Cool!!! – $75

Stardust Exclusive - $145

Stardust Exclusive – $145

No Reserve - and One Day Left!

No Reserve – and One Day Left!