Fashion Doll Fridays: Simply Gorgeous Gin-O

Simply Gorgeous by Gin-O as featured in the Tyler Wentworth 10th Anniversary Album

Gorgeous Gowns by Gin-O as featured in the Tyler Wentworth 10th Anniversary Album

If you aren’t familiar with Gorgeous Gowns by Gin-O, then you’ve been missing out. Ginny Liezert has been sewing in miniature for years, and her formula of keeping lines simple using choice fabrics resonates beautifully in her repertoire. She takes commissions, and she sells from her own stock of creations – her pricing is quite attractive given the level of quality to which she takes her work. She takes the most simple silhouette, and makes it art with her choice of quality fabrics and styling. Ginny tells us, β€œI have always tried to keep it simple and let the fabric speak for itself. No tons of frou frou, just nice fabric.” And it’s easy to see her point-of-view in her designs.


She is a part of our community, and we hope you will discover her special touch. Ginny sews for all doll sizes, with favorites spanning all doll scale ranges. You can see much more of her work via Photobucket by clicking here, and you can connect with her on Facebook by clicking here.

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