Surprise Saturdays: We’re Off To See The Wizard (in Haute Couture)

Many folks in our community are either attending or watching the Tonner Convention news come through – you can follow along at Tonner’s Blog (click here) or its Facebook page (click here) – many beautiful dolls are being shown, including the new Carmen sculpt released yesterday.

Carmen Dell-Orefice and her new portrait Tonner Doll at Tonnerdoll Blog

Carmen Dell-Orefice and her new portrait Tonner Doll at Tonnerdoll Blog

But the big surprise news that has come forth is Tonner’s involvement with the “There’s No Place Like Home” campaign benefiting Habitat for Humanity (click here for auction page).



See a full report by clicking here – and the official press release can be seen by clicking here.



Eager fans will want to see what famous fashion designers will create for Tonner’s 22inch American Model dolls based on Wizard of Oz characters. This should be an amazing event to watch – dolls go on display September 4th at FIT in NY!



Wednesday Wants: Scarlett’s Scarlet

With Tonner Convention opening tomorrow, many doll fans are watching closely to see the event dolls revealed – two of high anticipation are Tyler’s 15th Anniversary nod and Carmen Dell’Orefice. There’s no doubt collectors will be watching the secondary market closely to obtain their favorites – but a word of advice, watch Tonner’s website first – they almost always have remaining dolls after events and sell them directly to the public after the event.

images (1) Gone With the Wind Dresses

Given all the Tonner event excitement, Gone With The Wind collectors are also in great eagerness for Tonner’s 75th Anniversary Luncheon event this June in Atlanta. The event description promises: “Scarlett will be dressed in a costume from the film, but not in this original color, which was rejected for use on camera. Prepare to see two additional very limited Exclusives available for purchase, one in a lost costume never used in the film and you may see Ellowyne Wilde make an appearance also!”



Scarlett dolls in the famous red dress by various makers…

599874a1b093f4c116b9dacf97131629 13050831_1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ohara4 scar2253_89

Tonner's 'Receiving Guests with Melanie"

Tonner’s ‘Receiving Guests with Melanie”

We’re pretty certain (not 100%, though – so keep that in mind), that the ‘rejected’ costume is Walter Plunkett’s design for Scarlett’s Ballgown worn to Ashley’s birthday party. The red version of the gown is one of the most iconic costumes of all Hollywood history.  With that being said, the gown has been interpreted many times by many different makers. The original costume was made of French silk velvet, and was actually a dark color, although in Technicolor cameras it radiated a more vibrant red as light played on the velvet’s nap. However, in Plunkett’s notes, he mentions obtaining permission from Margaret Mitchell to vary the color of some designs, which were described almost entirely as green in the book (Mitchell’s favorite color). Mitchell agreed…and we now have many visual treats from the film in colors other than green.


Plunkett’s Green Version


Plunkett’s Red Version

The gown worn to Ashley’s birthday party is rather specific in the book: “He fumbled and drew out her new jade-green watered silk dress. It was cut so low over the bosom and the skirt was draped back over an enormous bustle an on the bustle was a huge bunch of pink velvet roses.” It was with that gown and plenty of rouge that Scarlett faced Melanie that night – a scene we have all come to know from the film. Madame Alexander interpreted the gown in a 21inch portrait doll using the Jacqueline face (often misidentified as a Cissy head sculpt, though it is not).

Alexander's 21inch Scarlett at Ashley's Birthday Party

Alexander’s 21inch Scarlett at Ashley’s Birthday Party

So it would seem this may be the mystery gown of which Tonner may choose – we said we were pretty certain, because we can’t think of any other dress that fits the bill – the only other dress to come close would be a purple version of Scarlett’s final mourning costume that was rendered in purple and sold by Tonner as ‘In the Mist’ – and we think it’s unlikely they would chose the black funerary version as an event doll. But the green version of the red ballgown does have its own specific details making it unique. It doesn’t appear to be studded with stones, and there is clearly and embroidered or applique floral motif along one side. However they decide to interpret the gown, collectors have marked this doll as a big WANT this doll year…so expect to pay high secondary market prices if you cannot attend the event.

Plunkett ‘Lost Costumes’ not made for film:

lost9 lost8 lost7 lost6 lost5 lost4 lost3 lost2 lost1drape

Plunkett Designs made for film, but either edited out, or appears briefly:

end tumblr_mj3szhq1gG1qa70eyo4_250

Tonner also promises a ‘lost costume‘, being the only maker that was able to successfully license and produce these costumes. There are still a couple out there, including variants of the drapery dress. But, we’re hoping for something more dramatic. Ellowyne will be making an appearance, too…and like Kitty Collier and Betsy McCall before her, we suspect this may be in the beautiful white ruffled organza gown from the film’s opening.

‘Lost Costumes’ made by Tonner:

inthemist1 saratoga doll savannah

Tonner may surprise us all, though…so we eagerly await his June 4 event to see for certain which choices he’ll make. Until then, tomorrow is another day…

If you’d like to see more about the restoration of the film costumes and see a wonderful slide show of Walter Plunkett’s designs, click here to take you to the How We Do Run On website.

Wednesday Wants: New Tonner Images

Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind

Tonner Doll released new images from its 2014 Mainline Collection – see the latest by clicking here – or click on the images in the post. The Scarlett in her Emerald Dressing Gown looks sumptuous…definitely a WANT! Which are your favorites in the Tonner 2014 Collection?

Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part II

Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part II

Tuesday Trends: Get References

(UPDATED 4/22/2014)

At dollbid, we are always watching the internet looking for doll research resources. Although some are outdated or incomplete, they still hold extremely useful information – here are some we’ve found that can help you in identifying your dolls…

Barbie Collector

Barbie Collector

Barbie: Many collectors use Barbie Collector to find more recent items, including the BFMC Silkstone dolls, Dolls of the World, and Vintage Repros, among others – click here for the Showcase. For Vintage Dolls, check out Doll Reference – click here.

Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow

Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow

Gene Marshall: Marcia Friend at Facets by Marcia has a fairly comprehensive Gene history page – click here to browse – it’s helpful for Gene’s earlier days, however, the link to the site once know as THE search page, Share The Dream, is no longer active. Integrity still has some Gene Marshall links available – click here. Finally, newest offerings by JAMIEshow can be seen by clicking here.


Integrity Toys’ Fashion Royalty: A perfect stopping site for the 12″ FR girls – click here. Integrity also maintains a good research source for its characters here.

Integrity Toy’s Poppy Parker: You’d be hard pressed to find a better resource than The Poppy Parker Resource – click here.


One-Of-A-KindsVikisFinds showcases many OOAKs in our world, including websites, references, books and more – you’ll want to spend some time here – some of the links are outdated, but of the ones that are active, you’ll enjoy!

Superdoll at The Doll Observer

Superdoll at The Doll Observer

Superdoll: If you haven’t signed up for The Doll Observer yet – what are you waiting for??? Simon and his Team keep up with doll world goings-on worldwide…so you do need to check back to see where they will take you next. You’ll want to explore their Superdoll archive for helpful information, details, and fabulous eye-candy from the minds of SuperFrock. Click here to explore DollObserver’s Superdoll Archive.

Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls

Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls

Tonner: One of the best references that is up-to-date is Carol’s Tonner Reference at Dreamcastle Dolls – she’s is regularly updating sculpts, body types and collections. You can also find older reference that include descriptions of Tonner Collections and the Tyler Wentworth Archive prior to 2011 by clicking here – this is an older version of the website, and is not regularly maintained, but still holds helpful information. At Tonner’s regular website, you an find a resource for older print catalogs by clicking here.

Tonner Catalog Archive

Tonner Catalog Archive

We know there are more…but this is a great start, isn’t it? We’ll explore new doll research links in due time, keeping this post linked to each subsequent listing for your archive convenience. If you’ve got one to share, just email the link to us – now get out there and enjoy your research!



Fashion Doll Fridays: Emperis England, Integrity’s Eugenia & Tonner’s Catwoman 1966

Escada (LE10) by Emperis England

Escada (LE10) by Emperis England

Never a dull moment in the fashion doll world, right? dollbid agrees…and the much anticipated Escada from Emperis England is ready for her spotlight. Their beautifully crafted resin fashion doll will soon be in the hands of lucky collectors worldwide – pre-ordering begins on Good Friday (April 18, 2014) – she’s limited to ten dolls…so don’t wait for this one!



dollbid is honored to host an auction for an amazing one-of-a-kind Fashion Royalty Eugenia designed and made by Integrity Toys. We contacted Alain Temblay of Integrity to get more details on this treasure – “Eugenia is one of our most popular sculpts,” Alain tells us. “It’s not really often (Integrity releases OOAK dolls).” Created as a raffle item for its 2012 Tropicalia Convention, this Eugenia wears a gown designed by IT designer Vaughn Sawyer, and sewn by Chris Stoeckel – the creation uses fabric from Jason Wu’s couture collection. Click the image below to take you to the auction.

OOAK Eugenia by Integrity Toys

OOAK Eugenia by Integrity Toys

And the wait is over for Batman fans! Tonner Doll has released images of their 1966 Catwoman featuring the Julie Newmar portrait sculpt – click the images below, or click here to learn more.

NewmarCat T14DCDD02_2

Surprise Saturdays: Fashion Doll Bonanza – A BIG Week!



For fashion doll collectors, this has been quite the week! Biggest news came from Kingdom Doll and their new doll, Brighton, which sold out of its tiny edition in seconds. But not to worry, Robert Tonner unveiled his 2014 Mainline Collection and new offerings for 22inch American Models, Tiny Kitty Collier, Deja Vu and Cami & Jon collections.


Tonner’s Deja Vu

But the biggest news hands-down was JAMIEshow’s release of two new dolls in the Gene Marshall line – Madra Lord and Violet Waters! Violet is already sold out, but as of this writing, Madra was still available – this is the only time Violet & Madra will be released – so grab Madra while you still can! Congrats to the lucky few who secured their favorites during this fashion doll windfall!

Kingdom Doll

Kingdom Doll


Weekly Summary – click on each date to take you to that blog post:

Week of 3/29/2014

March 29, 2014 – Kingdom Doll Brighton – Save-the-Date April 3, 2013

March 30, 2014 – Charming Children

March 31, 2014 – Dulcissima Barbie

April 1, 2014 – April Fool’s Day – You’ve Been Warned!

April 2, 2014 – Robert Best and 2014 BFMC Video

April 3, 2014 – Tonner’s Child Dolls

April 4, 2014 – New Fashion Dolls from Tonner

Week of 3/22/2014

March 22, 2014 – MAGIA 2000 TAKEOVER – Dreaming of Dolls!!!
March 23, 2014 – Art Dolls in Paris
March 24, 2014 – People at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2014
March 25, 2014 – Miniatures Make The Set
March 26, 2014 – For The Love Of A Doll Book NOW Available on dollbid!
March 27, 2014 – Way, Way Throwback – Vintage Dolls from Musée de la Poupée Paris
March 28, 2014 – Sunkissed Fashion Dolls

Fashion Doll Fridays: New Fashion Dolls from Tonner

As we reported yesterday, Tonner Doll Company has released its 2014 Mainline Collection, and its latest offerings range from adorable child dolls to the 22inch ladies – click here to see the complete collection, including previews.

For this Fashion Doll Friday, we’re taking a look at highlights from the new Tonner Fashion Dolls for 2014 – enjoy! Click on any of the below images to take you to Tonner’s site for more information:



Special Sundays: Art Dolls in Paris

Volupte by Superdoll

Volupte by Superdoll

As a special treat for your Sunday, dollbid brings you visions from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival Sunday Salesroom – visions of artists and dolls to take your breath away. Enjoy the beauty!

Volupte Exclusive by Superdoll:

_DSC0005 _DSC0008


Magia 2000 Creations:

_DSC0013 _DSC0014 _DSC0015 _DSC0016 _DSC0017 _DSC0018 _DSC0019 _DSC0020 _DSC0021 _DSC0022 _DSC0024


Créations COTHO:

_DSC0026 _DSC0027 _DSC0028 _DSC0029

Emilia Couture:

_DSC0030 _DSC0031 _DSC0032 _DSC0037 _DSC0040

Fashion Doll Agency:

_DSC0043 _DSC0043a _DSC0044


Lantis Kelly:



Artist Creations:

_DSC0057 _DSC0058 _DSC0059 _DSC0055 _DSC0056 _DSC0053

21 Catia Creations Furniture:

_DSC0046 _DSC0047 _DSC0048



_DSC0067 _DSC0068



_DSC0072 _DSC0073 _DSC0074 _DSC0075


Tonner Doll Company/Wilde Imagination:

_DSC0080 _DSC0078 _DSC0079 _DSC0081


Creations by Kanea:



Wonder Woman resin BJD by Coeur d’artichaut:


Marilyn (Noya Doll) and other creations by Celynette Créations:



And…by My friend, Francoise!!!




Special Sundays: More from Paris PFDF 2014

Robert Tonner (Tonner Doll Co.) and Charles Fegen (Superdoll) at Superdoll PFDF Retrospective Cocktail Party

Robert Tonner (Tonner Doll Co.) and Charles Fegen (Superdoll) at Superdoll PFDF Retrospective Cocktail Party

Robert Best (Mattel) and 'Barbie' present PFDF 2014 Fiorella Variant Exclusive

Robert Best (Mattel) and ‘Barbie’ present PFDF 2014 Fiorella Variant Exclusive


Wednesday Wants: Tonner 2014 New Releases

Tyler Wentworth - Classical

Tyler Wentworth – Classical

Tonner Doll Company released previews today form its 2014 Collection (mainline releases will be posted in March) – advance comments show that collectors are pleased with the return of Tyler Wentworth as a ballerina in Classical – click image above, or click here for more info.

Daphne Dimples - Spring

Daphne Dimples – Spring Time

In addition, a sketch teaser was posted listing Daphne as the head sculpt for this new Spring Time ballerina – we’ll be watching for a product image – click image above, or click here.

Captivating Kitty

Captivating Kitty

And 10inch Tiny Kitty Collier returns with new offerings, and some wondering if a new head sculpt has been employed for Captivating Kitty – we’re not certain, but we’ll be watching all the buzz! Click the image above – or click here for more info.

Check out all the new Tonner Doll Previews by clicking here for their website.

dollbid is thrilled to host auctions for vintage Tonner dolls, including Tiny Kitty Collier and Tyler Wentworth & Friends/Family – click the images below, or click here for a full summary of Tonner items on dollbid:

Katz Meow Designs offers custom-made Menswear to fit Matt O’Neill (Tyler’s man), as well as vintage-inspired clothing for Gene and Tonner Deja Vu – click here for a full listing of Katz Meow Designs’ listings.

Custom Corduroy Suit for Matt by Katz Meow Designs

Custom Corduroy Suit for Matt by Katz Meow Designs


Jackie Repaint by CherylJax

Jackie Repaint by CherylJax

Rare Marley Wentworth Flower Girl by Tonner

Rare Marley Wentworth Flower Girl by Tonner

Rare 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' Tiny Kitty Outfit by Tonner NRFB

NRFB Rare ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Tiny Kitty Outfit by Tonner

NRFB Tiny Kitty Hat Box Gift Set by Tonner

NRFB Tiny Kitty Hat Box Gift Set by Tonner