Wednesday Wants: Sweet Freedom Susie

Yesterday, Members of the W Club were given an opportunity to order a reserved portion of the LE300 R & D Collectibles shared exclusive doll Sweet Freedom Susie – she sold out in less than an hour! Now, Dynamite Girl and Susie Collectors are going to be looking for her! Here are the details from Integrity Toys:

susie1 susie2

Item # 66098
Sweet Freedom
Susie™ Dressed Doll
Dynamite Girls™ “Love Revolution” Collection
R&D and IT Direct shared Exclusive
Total Edition size of 300 dolls worldwide (150 for R & D and 150 for IT Direct).
Suggested Retail Price: $70.00 US + Shipping (Handling and tax, if applicable)

Wednesday Wants: Tonner Convention Items On Sale Today


No time was given for Tonner’s ‘It’s About Time‘ Convention extras sales (no pun intended), but the date is today. The company opens at 9AM Eastern…so start watching for items to post then, and don’t hesitate…if you see something you really want, click through to checkout quickly – items will leave your shopping cart as they sell through unless you have fully processed the sale. Click here to shop Tonner Collections. Good Luck!

1001973_10152407274624591_3498117363430907940_n 1609967_10152404909864591_1287047587020252987_n 10169447_10152399142804591_735943119363257532_n 10171621_10152399142734591_4065819888573026018_n 10247234_10152402904294591_7067291841617981393_n 10256811_10152399142699591_3171216834997185069_n 10270678_10152399387124591_7517024115757066899_n 10313387_10152401362589591_8694918146492811259_n 10313987_10152407274189591_4864514165841695718_n 10336753_10152403792939591_2617120889860762305_n 10348625_10152400750804591_8602909653447004131_n 10350432_10152403639019591_312836457932231890_n 10358726_10152401189864591_6594785352510700073_n 10364134_10152400750814591_5619634776836795614_n


Wednesday Wants: Scarlett’s Scarlet

With Tonner Convention opening tomorrow, many doll fans are watching closely to see the event dolls revealed – two of high anticipation are Tyler’s 15th Anniversary nod and Carmen Dell’Orefice. There’s no doubt collectors will be watching the secondary market closely to obtain their favorites – but a word of advice, watch Tonner’s website first – they almost always have remaining dolls after events and sell them directly to the public after the event.

images (1) Gone With the Wind Dresses

Given all the Tonner event excitement, Gone With The Wind collectors are also in great eagerness for Tonner’s 75th Anniversary Luncheon event this June in Atlanta. The event description promises: “Scarlett will be dressed in a costume from the film, but not in this original color, which was rejected for use on camera. Prepare to see two additional very limited Exclusives available for purchase, one in a lost costume never used in the film and you may see Ellowyne Wilde make an appearance also!”



Scarlett dolls in the famous red dress by various makers…

599874a1b093f4c116b9dacf97131629 13050831_1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ohara4 scar2253_89

Tonner's 'Receiving Guests with Melanie"

Tonner’s ‘Receiving Guests with Melanie”

We’re pretty certain (not 100%, though – so keep that in mind), that the ‘rejected’ costume is Walter Plunkett’s design for Scarlett’s Ballgown worn to Ashley’s birthday party. The red version of the gown is one of the most iconic costumes of all Hollywood history.  With that being said, the gown has been interpreted many times by many different makers. The original costume was made of French silk velvet, and was actually a dark color, although in Technicolor cameras it radiated a more vibrant red as light played on the velvet’s nap. However, in Plunkett’s notes, he mentions obtaining permission from Margaret Mitchell to vary the color of some designs, which were described almost entirely as green in the book (Mitchell’s favorite color). Mitchell agreed…and we now have many visual treats from the film in colors other than green.


Plunkett’s Green Version


Plunkett’s Red Version

The gown worn to Ashley’s birthday party is rather specific in the book: “He fumbled and drew out her new jade-green watered silk dress. It was cut so low over the bosom and the skirt was draped back over an enormous bustle an on the bustle was a huge bunch of pink velvet roses.” It was with that gown and plenty of rouge that Scarlett faced Melanie that night – a scene we have all come to know from the film. Madame Alexander interpreted the gown in a 21inch portrait doll using the Jacqueline face (often misidentified as a Cissy head sculpt, though it is not).

Alexander's 21inch Scarlett at Ashley's Birthday Party

Alexander’s 21inch Scarlett at Ashley’s Birthday Party

So it would seem this may be the mystery gown of which Tonner may choose – we said we were pretty certain, because we can’t think of any other dress that fits the bill – the only other dress to come close would be a purple version of Scarlett’s final mourning costume that was rendered in purple and sold by Tonner as ‘In the Mist’ – and we think it’s unlikely they would chose the black funerary version as an event doll. But the green version of the red ballgown does have its own specific details making it unique. It doesn’t appear to be studded with stones, and there is clearly and embroidered or applique floral motif along one side. However they decide to interpret the gown, collectors have marked this doll as a big WANT this doll year…so expect to pay high secondary market prices if you cannot attend the event.

Plunkett ‘Lost Costumes’ not made for film:

lost9 lost8 lost7 lost6 lost5 lost4 lost3 lost2 lost1drape

Plunkett Designs made for film, but either edited out, or appears briefly:

end tumblr_mj3szhq1gG1qa70eyo4_250

Tonner also promises a ‘lost costume‘, being the only maker that was able to successfully license and produce these costumes. There are still a couple out there, including variants of the drapery dress. But, we’re hoping for something more dramatic. Ellowyne will be making an appearance, too…and like Kitty Collier and Betsy McCall before her, we suspect this may be in the beautiful white ruffled organza gown from the film’s opening.

‘Lost Costumes’ made by Tonner:

inthemist1 saratoga doll savannah

Tonner may surprise us all, though…so we eagerly await his June 4 event to see for certain which choices he’ll make. Until then, tomorrow is another day…

If you’d like to see more about the restoration of the film costumes and see a wonderful slide show of Walter Plunkett’s designs, click here to take you to the How We Do Run On website.

Wednesday Wants: The Barbie Look #6 Retailer Exclusive


Dream Dolls Gallery & More broke news about this fantastic specialty retailer exclusive Barbie, which can be seen at their website by clicking here. For those familiar with the series, you also know it’s been very popular with collectors with promises of new dolls coming out of the Grant-A-Wish Convention – see those dolls at – click here. This new Grey and Black Dress Barbie is elegant, and follows the clean modern red carpet fashion shown in 2014 intro. Update 5/15/14 – Image now released and confirmed – this doll will not be on!

The Barbie Look #6

The Barbie Look #6

Wednesday Wants: The Numina



Fans of Paul Pham know to jump when he releases a new doll – his latest model, Stratus (LE50) is sold out…and with her arriving in collectors’ eager hands, those who missed out will be scouring the secondary market in the hopes of obtaining one. His dolls maintain a strong resale value, and it’s not common to see many offered on the secondary market. dollbid has hosted some sales for Numina, and we look forward to the opportunity to host more in the future.




Wednesday Wants: New Tonner Images

Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind

Tonner Doll released new images from its 2014 Mainline Collection – see the latest by clicking here – or click on the images in the post. The Scarlett in her Emerald Dressing Gown looks sumptuous…definitely a WANT! Which are your favorites in the Tonner 2014 Collection?

Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part II

Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part II

Wednesday Wants: A Fantastic Wardrobe

Custom Silk Charmeuse Gown by Katz Meow Designs

Custom Silk Charmeuse Gown by Katz Meow Designs

Everyone loves great clothes…and we know our fashion dolls deserve wearing apparel that exudes quality, style and panache. dollbid is thrilled to be hosting fashion dolls wants that are perfect additions to your favorite doll’s wardrobe. And we’re very excited to see two new creations from Katz Meow Designs just in time for the arrival of your newest JAMIEshow beauties – click on any of the images to learn more about the auction – and enjoy!

Tailored Suit for JAMIEshow dolls by Katz Meow Designs

Tailored Suit for JAMIEshow dolls by Katz Meow Designs

Custom Cocktail Ensemble for 16inch Dolls by Magia 2000

Custom Cocktail Ensemble for 16inch Dolls by Magia 2000

WILL Outfit by Superdoll

WILL Outfit by Superdoll

TESTAMENT Outfit by Superdoll

TESTAMENT Outfit by Superdoll

LOVE Outfit by Superdoll

LOVE Outfit by Superdoll

Faux Leather Trench Coat for 16inch Dolls

Faux Leather Trench Coat for 16inch Dolls

Hello Bolly Outfit by Integrity Toys

Hello Bolly Outfit by Integrity Toys

White Doll Divas Outfit for Fashion Royalty by Gwendolyn's Treasures

White Doll Divas Outfit for Fashion Royalty by Gwendolyn’s Treasures

Black Doll Divas Outfit by Gwendolyn's Treasures

Black Doll Divas Outfit by Gwendolyn’s Treasures

Polished Korinne Outfit by Integrity Toys

Polished Korinne Outfit by Integrity Toys

Ambitious Kesenia Outfit by Integrity Toys

Ambitious Kesenia Outfit by Integrity Toys

Fashion Royalty Accessories by Integrity Toys

Fashion Royalty Accessories by Integrity Toys

Wednesday Wants: Spring Formals

Blue Goddess Gene

Blue Goddess Gene – Dressed Doll – $59.00

At dollbid, we’re pastel crazy for Spring Formals…and we just know you’ll be wanting to brighten your collection with fresh colors of springtime! Here’s a selection of pleasures au printemps! Just click on the image to take you to the auction!

Covent Garden Gene - Dressed Doll - $79.00

Covent Garden Gene – Dressed Doll – $79.00


Blue Goddess – Gown Only – $22.00


Magia2000 Dress for 16inch Fashion Dolls – $120

Rosmary Ionker OOAK Gown for Ellowyne Wilde - Bidding opens at $200

Rosmary Ionker OOAK Gown for Ellowyne Wilde – Bidding opens at $200

Jackie Pink Embassy Dinner Gown - $95

Jackie Pink Embassy Dinner Gown – $95

Silkstone Barbie Mermaid Gown - $119.99

Silkstone Barbie Mermaid Gown – $119.99

Escada Barbie - $60

Escada Barbie – $60

Happy Birthday Mr President - $399.99

Happy Birthday Mr President – $399.99

Wednesday Wants: Robert Best and 2014 BFMC Video

Alrighty fashion doll eagle eyes…we can spot Fiorella and Dulcissima in these videos…and that Ken looks amazing! But which of the others shown in the video are part of this Italian island getaway? We know there’s a bride to arrive on the scene! We want!!!

Pretty sure we saw Sunday Best in there without her hat...a nod to Robert  Best?

Pretty sure we saw Sunday Best in there without her hat…a nod to Robert Best?

Wednesday Wants: For The Love Of A Doll Book NOW Available on dollbid!


As we reported here, Gene Foote’s lovely coffee table book celebrating Barbie from 1959 to 1989 is now available for purchase on dollbid. We have signed copies for the Barbie fan, and all lovers of beauty, charm and fashion. We’d like to thank Gene for this opportunity to host his book, and we just know you will love reliving Barbie’s nostalgia and glamour. Click here to get your copy today!

Untitled-1 Untitled-1a cover-450x600